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Verstärkte Knopflöcher stricken – 2019

zurück zur Blog-Übersicht Da ist es auch schon – das neue Jahr. Und somit auch der erste Blogbeitrag für 2016. Diesmal möchte ich mich mit einem leidigen Thema beschäftigen, das sicherlich schon jedem Strickbegeisterten schon einmal über den Weg gelaufen ist: Das Stricken von Knopflöchern. Besser gesagt: Wie ich Knopflöcher stricken kann, ohne dass sie ausleiern und früher oder später jeden Knopf auch ohne Aufforderung meinerseits wieder freigeben.

Basic Knitting for Beginners

So, you-ve decided it-s time you learned the way to knit. Is it some perplexing and time-ingesting art to learn? No! All you want is a couple of needles and a skein of yarn. The needles can be any length that feels comfortable for your hands, or that work with your pattern. Needles may be made with plenty of materials with the most commonly available ones being manufactured from aluminum, bamboo, and plastic. For beginners, wooden or bamboo needles might be less complicated to paintings with because they catch the yarn more than metal needles do, a trick that leads to fewer dropped stitches. The yarn can be of any color, weight, or material. If you aren-t using a pattern, try the usage of exceptional materials like bamboo, wool, or acrylic to find the material you like best. If you-re the usage of a pattern, use the yarn that is specified otherwise you may need to regulate your pattern to healthy with a exclusive yarn.

When you-re following a pattern it will mention gauge and tension. Gauge is the range of stitches in step with inch for that particular pattern, a detail which is laid low with tension, or how tightly you maintain your yarn as you stitch. The size of your stitches will trade with distinctive tensions, so try numerous specific tensions until you locate the one that works for your pattern.

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